Navigating the Energy Crisis: A Guide for Mid-sized Businesses (UK)

The energy crisis is underpinned by a complex and volatile wholesale energy market. What factors affect the price we pay for our gas and electricity?

And how can a mid-sized businesses (or any business for that matter) navigate these current conditions?

Here in the UK, natural gas stilll largely dictates our energy prices. Around a third of our electricity is generated from gas, and the structure of our wholesale marketplace currently dictates that all prices track gas as the dominant
fuel type, despite increased volumes of much cheaper renewable supply. Energy market reform could change all of this in
the future, but for now it means that when gas prices are high, electricity prices are high too.

This latest Wattstor white paper “Navigating the energy crisis: A guide for UK mid-sized businesses” covers market complexity, the energy crisis, and more, including…

  • What determines the high cost of energy
  • Navigating the first global energy crisis
  • Our evolving energy system
  • A new approach to energy procurement

We recommend this white paper to any business owner looking to better understand energy markets.

Learn more by downloading the white paper via the form.

This is the UK edition of the white paper. We also have a version for the Czech market which you can find via this link.

Download the white paper

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