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Add up to 8X more solar within grid constraints with Wattstor

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What are grid constraints and why do they cause problems?

Grid constraints refer to the limitations and restrictions placed on electricity generation sources when connecting to the grid.

Whilst these are crucial to ensuring the grid can cope with the supply/demand on the system, it also poses problems for those wanting to install large scale projects on their sites.

By working with Wattstor, industrial, commercial, agricultural and community sites are able to install and self-generate to a far greater extent than the grid constraint would typically lead them to believe – and all within regulation.

Breaking through constraints with breakthrough BESS

Wattstor’s breakthrough DC coupled energy storage solution is making ripples across the industry…

Learn how sites are adding up to 8 times more Solar PV than grid constraints would typically lead you to believe is possible with Wattstor’s DC coupled solution.

On-demand webinar: how to maximise solar and minimise grid constraints

Ever wondered how a site can have so much solar with such restricting grid constraints?

Grid constraints can cause headaches when trying to optimise on cost savings and sustainability. They can make it seemingly impossible to have the amount of solar on site to deliver enough power for both cost efficient operations and to sell some back to the grid… That is unless you’re using a DC coupled system.

Watch this on-demand webinar for an introduction to Wattstor’s pioneering solution to one of I&C’s biggest energy system issues.

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