Wattstor joins Spanish Solar PV Association UNEF


Wattstor joins UNEF as Spain is a key growth market for our solution. Spain has recently changed its regulation around co-location of batteries and Solar PV on commercial and industrial sites. In addition to that, self-generation, storage and consumption of electricity is encouraged and supported through a host of subsidy mechanisms.

At Wattstor we see Spain as a key growth market and are actively engaged in building relationships and channel networks, so joining UNEF made perfect sense for us.

Who are UNEF?

The Spanish Photovoltaic Union, known as UNEF (Unión Española Fotovoltaica), is a prominent association representing the solar energy sector in Spain. Established in 2009, UNEF has played a pivotal role in promoting the development and growth of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology across the country. Comprising a diverse membership, including solar companies, project developers, manufacturers, and other industry stakeholders, UNEF serves as a unified voice advocating for the interests of the solar energy sector.

One of UNEF’s primary objectives is to advance the deployment of solar energy in Spain by fostering favorable regulatory environments and policies. The association also actively engages with government bodies, policymakers, and regulatory authorities to influence decisions that support the expansion of solar energy projects. UNEF also provides a platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among its members, facilitating networking opportunities, industry insights, and best practices.

As Spain continues to transition towards a more sustainable and renewable energy landscape, UNEF remains at the forefront of initiatives to drive innovation, investment, and job creation within the solar sector. Through its advocacy, educational programs, and collaborative efforts, UNEF contributes significantly to the advancement of solar energy in Spain and the broader global context.

How we can help

Wattstor proudly joins UNEF at a time of explansion in the Spanish solar industry. We’re keen to talk to solar installers and developers. So if you are  a Solar PV installer/developer, a site developer or have projects where you install several energy technologies on a site behind-the-meter, get in contact. Wattstor can therefore provide technology to improve your business case and assist with technical expertise!

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