Richard Tullett joins Wattstor as Head of Delivery

Meet our new Head of Delivery

Richard brings to Wattstor not just many years of experience in project managing, installing and supporting residential and commercial Solar PV systems but also in-depth understanding of battery energy storage systems of any size.

Richard joins Wattstor’s leadership team and takes full responsibility of all aspects of aftersales activities with our customers, while also providing technical advice/support pre- and post-sales.


The Head of Delivery at Wattstor holds a pivotal role. It encompassing diverse responsibilities crucial for the seamless execution of projects and the overall delivery of products or services.

Leading a team of project managers and coordinators, the role involves strategic project management, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and solving customer problems. Resource allocation, including personnel, budget, and technology, falls under the purview of the Head of Delivery, necessitating adept management skills to optimize project success.

Acting as a key liaison between the company and clients, effective communication on project timelines, milestones, and deliverables is paramount. The role extends to risk management, with a focus on identifying and mitigating potential obstacles to project delivery.

Integral Processes

Continuous process improvement is integral, involving the evaluation and enhancement of project delivery processes to boost efficiency, quality, and client satisfaction. Additionally, the Head of Delivery oversees quality assurance measures to ensure that the final products or services meet established standards. Budget management is another critical aspect, involving meticulous tracking of expenses to achieve financial objectives.

The role requires a keen adherence to timelines, ensuring projects are delivered punctually by meeting specified deadlines and milestones. Stakeholder management, collaboration with diverse entities such as executives and cross-functional teams, is essential for fostering a cohesive work environment. The integration of the latest technologies and best practices into project delivery processes is also a key responsibility, reflecting the Head of Delivery’s role in steering the company towards technological advancement and overall success.

In essence, the Head of Delivery is an instrumental leader, orchestrating the intricate elements of project management to propel the company’s growth and maintain client satisfaction.

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