Podcast: How Wattstor is Changing Energy Management

Listen to the Modo Podcast Conversation Between Stephan Marty and Quentin Scrimshire

Having known each other for a long time, Stephan and Quentin met up to talk about all things behind-the-meter and energy management systems in the commercial and industrial space.

Topics discussed included:

  • What energy management systems do.
  • Where they fit into the future energy system.
  • Current trends in behind the meter.
  • What energy communities are – and why (and how) they’re emerging.
  • Changing Energy Management
  • And, of course, where Wattstor fits into all of this.

About Wattstor

Wattstor is a pioneer in energy management systems in the renewable generation, electric vehicle charge points and energy storage spaces. Energy management systems (EMS) help businesses and energy communities to reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions. At Wattstor, we focus on behind-the-meter battery installations and allow commercial and industrial companies to participate in the green transition.

About Modo

Modo Energy is an energy asset analysis platform that provides users with data, research and benchmarking tools for energy storage. Their podcast has become an essential listen for new developments in the energy sector. It delivers insights from thought leaders, energy experts and cleantech specialists from across the industry.

Changing Energy Management

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